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  • Jobs:  Companies moving to Nevada are fueling growth and increasing jobs. It’s important that we continue to bring new, high-paying jobs to Nevada. I plan to help ensure they are filled by local workers and supported by local businesses.
  • Economic development: When I started my very small retail business in 1982, I was fortunate to have affordable rent and a small space. This is what entrepreneurs need to get off the ground. I plan to represent these very small businesses that too often fall through the cracks and don’t have representation in Carson City. I feel that Nevada should focus incentives and tax breaks on the businesses that provide most of the jobs in our state such as micro and small businesses. A thriving small business sector leads to more job growth, less inequality, higher median incomes, and stronger social bonds in our community. Yet aspiring entrepreneurs don’t have it easy. The cost of leasing commercial space is soaring, loans are hard to get, zoning rules often work against local businesses, and online competition is on the rise. I believe growing local businesses is a more effective approach to economic development.
  • Health and Wellness: I would like to acknowledge the hard work that our doctors, nurses and technicians do each day to provide the best quality healthcare possible. I believe it is the right of every citizen to have access to good health care. I believe that the goal of real health care reform must involve high-quality, universal coverage in a cost-effective way. In addition I support integrative and preventative healthcare.
  • Cannabis, Its medicinal use has always been known and supported by doctors. People with back pain, seizures, and cancer are now legally getting relief. The voters have approved its use and the Nevada economy is also benefiting.
  • Education. Teachers do important work. Educating our kids is one of the most important jobs we can do. I’m married to a teacher and I know the dedication they have for their students. I’m concerned about the high drop-out rate in Nevada and overcrowded classrooms. Some charter schools receive public funds but, I do not support a voucher sytem. The voucher system leaves out the poor who cannot afford a private school. We can do better than this. I will do what I can to further assist our educational system in Nevada. It should be easier for anyone to go to a university, community college, or vocational schools to obtain the career training they desire. I’d like to see lower interest loans for students and more options for tuition assistance. Student debt must also be addressed.
  • Public lands: I have traveled to all parts of Nevada in the 42 years I’ve lived here. I love our public lands and recreational opportunities they provide, and I believe they should remain public for all Nevadans.
  • Mental Health: Nevada ranks last in mental health care in this country. We can do better than this. I will support mental health programs. 
  • Family leave and child care: I support affordable child care options and family leave. I fully support assistance for families.
  • Seniors: I will support protecting retirement savings and pensions of retired Nevadans, so our senior citizens have economic security.
  • Equal opportunity: I will work to continue the effort to build equal opportunity for all in the state of Nevada.
  • Energy: If we are serious about cutting air and water pollution, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, we should continue to invest in clean, renewable energy in Nevada. Our state produces some of the most renewable energy in the country. Nevada also has some of the lowest rates in the US. We are already on the right path for the future. As for ballot question 3 I will be voting no to deregulating our energy system. Rates will go up if it passes. Vote NO on question 3 on the November ballot.
  • Affordable housing: As growth in Nevada continues and our current housing shortage causes rent to go up it becomes more difficult for people on fixed or low income. I believe we can work together with developers to solve this problem. 
  • Taxes:  For programs that help those striving for a better future, for those less fortunate, for those who serve our country and for health and wellness I believe taxes are an essential component of a civilized society. 
  • Responsible gun ownership: Gun owners and non-gun owners agree there are some people who should not own a gun. They also agree on universal background checks for all gun sales. So lets work together to close the loop holes in that sytem. I also support permit to purchase and red flag laws for guns.
  • Campaign finance: One of the most common concerns of people I speak with while i'm out campaigning is money in politics. People want money OUT of politics. I will support efforts to reform campaign finance in Nevada elections.
  • Elections: Just a reminder that you CANNOT vote for your preferred candidate in partisan primary races if you are registered as Non-Partisan because Nevada has a closed primary sytem. If you change to the Democratic party to vote for me you can easily change back online. I will be involved in election reforms once elected. 
  • Partisanship Nevadans have always been proud of working effectively across the isle. Division is what voters are most upset about. They want their government to work. Maybe it's time to hear the message. The fastest segment of new registered voters is non-partisan. It's very clear to me that voters are unhappy with both parties. Once elected I will work with all parties. 

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